Golden Caddy Bib Ticketek promotion – Australian PGA Championship 2017

Golden Caddy Bib Ticketek promotion

Who is going to win the $500,000 in cash and prizes with a Golden Caddy Bib?

What’s the Golden Caddy Bib?

On the Friday night of the 2016 Australian PGA Championship, 58 lucky ticket holders (plus Brett Papez and his guest Nathan Ward from our VIP experience competition) will each receive a randomly selected Golden Caddy Bib which will bear the name of one of the players to make the cut for the Tournament. On Sunday 4 December, during play, if a player makes a hole-in-one on the Soniq Million Dollar Hole (the 16th), the player will win $500,000 in cash, and the wearer of the Golden Caddy Bib that has that player’s name will win $500,000 in cash and Soniq prizes.

If you did not enter the competition on time, you can still purchase a ticket to the 2016 Australian PGA Championship and watch the action from the 16th hole.

Full terms and conditions can be found here. Entries closed 27/11/2016, authorised under permit numbers: ACT permit No. TP 16/02124 Golden Caddy Bib / PGA of Australia, SA permit No. T16/1928, NSW Permit No. LTPS/16/08923.


Entries are now closed!

Congratulations to our current Golden Caddy Bib entrants:

Brett Papez
Nathan Ward
Joy Sweet
Adam Harris
Adam Dart
Trevor Bird
Peter Bawden
Gary Madden
Melissa Howlett
Paul Howlett
Moston Neck
Lachy Mayne
Greg Maxwell
Trish Maxwell
Sarah Wilcox
Ryan Wandschneider
Luis Cordero
Anton Roozen
Christine Roozen
Chad Outten
Shalona Anuj
Daniel Suann
Dale Waiariki
Bev Waiariki
Steven Worrell
Gerard Cafferkey
Ron Patrick
Shayne Ward
Josh Coy
Jason Bourk
Digger Edwards
Matt Grigg
Jose Coulson
Mark Miller
Shivan Ashby
Eddie Eden
Travis McLean
Glen McFarlane
Jesse Bowker